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Anime Sanctuaries is a section of Chuck's Anime Shrine that acts as a small "shrine" to specific anime series, anime characters, anime/otaku related video games and maybe other things us anime fans find great. We here at Chuck's Anime Shrine have been around on the web since 2002 and have been anime fans for much longer than that.

Maybe you find might a series you have never seen and from here you can get a taste of what these series are.

As an official anime retailer, we support the official distribution of all anime/game titles and we'd like to remind fans to always support their release. Visit the official series sites and/or purchase products in our anime store (displayed related to series on the right) to support the series you all love.

More series will be sure to follow our blog to keep up to date.

For those who've been with us since the beginning of the site; THIS was the original goal of this site and what made up it's early day...a Shrine to anime ^_^

All images, characters and series are copyrighted by their respected creators, animators and licencees. All info and images are displayed with the "fair use clause" to freely and legally promote these series for the betterment of the creators, animators and licencees.


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Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Kai)
Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Kai)


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