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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michelle Phan: Sailor Moon Cosplay Makeup

Many of you probably know Michelle Phan. For those who don't, she's a famous youtuber who also is an avid gamer and a big anime fan. Her typical videos consist of makeup and skin care tips and in a video she posted about four days prior to this post, make-up and cosplay tips for those want to look like a very well done Sailor Moon.

Check out her video below...and be sure to subscribe ^_^

(A little bit of info, (and sorta shameless plug ^^;) Danielle and I actually do have a store through the makeup/skincare company, Artistry that you can ask us for help on as well as purchase of material for any of your cosplay needs. You can also support Michelle Phan and her sponsors, IQQU or just use what you are accustomed too ^^)

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posted by princetrunks @ 5:31 PM

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tifa Cosplay

Here's a little surprise for you all, my loyal readers. Thanks to the, may I present you all with professional photos of my fiancee, Danielle cosplaying as Advent Children Tifa. Since she's part Japanese, she holds a decent look to Tifa in my opinion (and definitely Yuna too ^^) These were taken at the New York Anime Fest this past weekend. I might even change the cosplay image on the front page to her now ^_^

(glad to have my site back after yesterday's shut down ^^;;)
Here's a video she put up too ^^

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posted by princetrunks @ 1:25 PM

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cosplay House

My fiancee, Danielle brought this site to my attention. If you are a cosplayer, you'll probably love this site, Just a quick browse of their store shows some amazing detail in their costumes. The selection is really good and there's even costumes for characters that only wore them in only say one or two episodes 0_O They are located in California so its a great source for us US anime fans who still tend to get the short end of the stick. The LeLouche Emperor costume shown below is definitely on my wish list.

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posted by princetrunks @ 2:54 PM

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cosplay Section Preview

Here I go again with another preview of the new galleries that will be coming soon. This one is something I sort of had but images of me, Danielle and other cosplayers of the 2002 I-Con convention is not enough. Soon there will be a gallery of the best cosplay pics I find on the web and from any conventions I go to, like the upcoming 2008 New York Anime Fest. Like the other sections, I plan on having a version that users can upload their own cosplay pics, too.

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posted by princetrunks @ 6:00 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Final Fantasy XII Artifacts Gabranth 1/1 Helmet

The instant I saw this item displayed by my dealers, my jaw dropped to the floor. Of course I was amazed by the $999.99 price tag. I've never even sold a Swarovski crystal worth that much, let alone a videogame item. Final Fantasy XII fans have already seen Square-Enix come up with wallet emptying figures (in a good way) but this one takes the cake. This helmet which is a wearable (I believe) 1/1 scale was made from FRP fiber reinforced plastic utilizing the CG data from the game. Its exact to Gabranth's helmet more than any other prob ever created. I'm a big fan of anything Final Fantasy but if I get this for myself too, I'll probably not go cosplaying with it. I wouldn't want to lose or damage this one. Check out more info on it here.

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posted by princetrunks @ 5:53 PM

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