Tenshi-Oni Beta V1.5

(12/9/2012 Build)

Updates include:

  • New fonts
  • New HUD graphics
  • iPad Mini testing

(10/22/2012 Build)

Updates include:

  • New graphics for Super Modes
  • iOS6 Ready
  • Summoning Lily shouldn't randmonly crash the game
  • Collision algorithms optimized to reduce lag during busy screens and/or turbo firing Basic Ki Attack
  • New music added (currently for Game Over screen) thanks to 8th Mode Music
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

(8/21/2012 Build)

Updates include:

  • Slight invincibility given after combo; ends after 2 seconds or once player starts attacking for hopefully less cheap hits from the enemies.
  • New "combo spark" effect every time a player does a Combo Hit
  • Effect added to Angel Fumi's "Angel Burst" Final Attack
  • more optimization to the stage loading and lag.

(8/6/2012 Build)

Updates include:

  • New voice acting lines for Demon Fumi
  • New enemy that appears from the top of the screen and moves down
  • New original bg song: "Japan Skies"
  • New original bg song: "Heaven's Chimes"

How to be a part of the Beta pre-release?

  • email your iPhone's UDID (it's a 40 character Hex code)
  • Current # of devices left to join: 20
  • Once we reply back that it has been built with your device.. you can download the app here straight from your phone ^_^

Important Notes:

  • This is an early beta version of this game. Much of the game is incomplete at the moment
  • Bugs and crashes are still prevalent
  • Best viewed on iPhone 4 and 4S; will be optimized for 3G and above as well as iPad (and eventually Android devices after inital release)

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