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Saturday, February 27, 2010

K-On! Figma Figures

Yes, here's yet another K-On! figure post by me. (deal with it -_-)  For those of you that have been tracking my little rants, a recent pet-peeve of mine has been the fact that licensees in Japan have become a bit scared of making money and try to keep some anime and figures in Japan only for themselves.  Well, looks as if some of the complaining (and the good old power of $) has paid off and with the second release of 2 K-On! figures, comes the rights for us here in the states to actually buy a legit K-On! figma locally. 

Yes, that's correct, you won't have to pay $20-$30+ in shipping from a store in Japan if you want a Mio figma figure of a Ritsu figma figure (if you live in the US...and international customers are still welcome ^^).  I have gotten the rights through my business and my trusty (legit) suppliers to acquire these cuties for the store.

Rather shoot us an email to get yourself onto a waiting list?  You can do so here.

Once the number of figures coming to my store get filled, that's it since I want to make sure ALL who order or get on the list get one when they come out in June or don't wait too long.

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posted by princetrunks @ 11:00 AM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fate/Stay Night: Rider Figma Action Figure

Here's a figure I know you all have been waiting for.  That's right, you are looking at the highly anticipated Fate/Stay Night: Figma Rider Figure.  She's definitely a beauty and I'm more than likely going to keep one for myself for my work desk.  This figure is full of win; more images below.

Naturally I'm stocking her in my store for pre-order.  The thing is though, Max Factory is limiting the number of these that are coming to the states -_-  Yes, just like the K-On! Nendoroid + Figmas, anime sites and stores like me are allowed to only keep a limited number (or in the case of the K-On! Figmas...none at all -_-).  In this case, only the first 12 who reserve her will be guaranteed* one.  So check her out in the store and if you'd rather get on the waiting list via can do that too with this link.

*I would love to say "100% guaranteed" but Max/Factory and GSC have been a bit slow to catch up from the demand so sometimes delays may happen and you never want to leave everything to chance.  It's about a 99% chance and if any issues..I'll make it known.

(now on to the pictures)...

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posted by princetrunks @ 6:48 PM

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wonfes 2010: Nendoroid Mickey & Figma MJ?!

The event is going on right now and thanks to Danny Choo, we are getting live feeds and images straight from the event. For those who maybe don't know, Wonfes is the largest figure and custom figure kit convention in Japan. Most if not all of the major anime figure manufacturers are there showing off the newly announced pre-orders as well as some surprises.

If you've been keeping track of the numbers on your Good Smile Company Nendoroid, you'd know they are close to their 100th figure. That figure has been announced and it's actually a non-anime character...Mickey Mouse. You heard me right, the 100th Nendoroid is Disney's Mickey Mouse. I'm fan of him...don't get me wrong but I would have so wanted a Nendo Tifa Lockhart and expected one to come before a Mickey one. Oh well, "a man can dream...a man can dream"- Futurama

It gets weirder than that. Of course for every new Nendoroid figure announce, a new Figma isn't far away. Yesterday Good Smile announced the figma K-On! Yui...but sdly, like ALL the other K-On! figmas...some sort of ass-backwards licencing embargo prevents even ME from snagging them for my store -_-
Anyways..this newley announced figma figure will surely be available in the US. That's right, you saw that link correctly from Danny Choo, it's a Michael Jackson figma.

Probably more figures to come, more anime news and more on that K-On! licensing mess in a few...for now let this news populate your mind and try not to hurt yourself with any blunt objects.

-pictures are all from Danny Choo, please visit his site for more images and info (gt to give the credit where its needed ^^)

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posted by princetrunks @ 9:10 PM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inuyasha: Kagome Higurashi Figma

Hey Inuyasha fans; got some more good news for you!  Other than the series finally being concluded with the Final Act episodes, you can soon get your own Kagome figma figure ^_^.  Yep, looks like Max factory has announced the production of a Kagome Figma figure.   It's set to be released some time in April or May of this year.  Pre-orders can be made here or you can email the store to reserve her.  Nothing yet on other characters in the series but I'll keep you all informed.

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posted by princetrunks @ 9:09 AM

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