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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shining Wind: Seena Swimsuit ver. 1/7th Scale Figure

Spring and summer are almost here but it seems Seena has already made a head start.  This beautiful new pre-order figure by Good Smile Company and Max Factory features Shining Wind's Seena in a cute and elegant orange/brown swimsuit. Her pareo around her hips can be removed, too.  For a 1/7th scale figure, she's priced pretty well at around $80; granted not as good as before the dollar became so worthless to the Yen (-_-;) but that beats out even some of the 1/8th scale figures coming out. 
She should be around for the Summer time around July or August.

You can pre-order here 
or simply email us your reservation here

check out some more images of her ^^

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posted by princetrunks @ 11:03 AM

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tohou Project: Nenodroid Izayoi Sakuya & Figma Kirisame Marisa

Thanks to my good friends over at,(who by the way are also manufacturers of some nice anime figures), my store got the rights to sell these two new Tohou project figures that originally were only meant for stores in Japan.

Good Smile Company has announced these extra rare figures.
The first being the Tohou Project Nendoroid Izayoi Sakuya figure.

The second of course being the Figma Kirisame Marisa figure.

Both are super rare and will probably be on display at the upcoming Wonfest convention in Japan. Sadly, due to their rarity and exclusivity, their price is a bit higher than your typical Nendoroid and Figma at a $69.99 price tag. These though will in time go for $200+ on eBay and if you are in the US, their final price turns out the same anyways since store in Japan might be able to sell them at a cheaper price, but you'll pay for it in the shipping -_-

To reserve Nendoroid Izayoi Sakuya, just check the product page and order her or email me and I'll reserve yours.

To reserve Figma Kirisame Marisa, just check the product page and order or of course, email me to get your name on the list of those getting her.

Be sure to use the "Money Order/Cash" option if you wish to not pay now.  Once they arrive all who reserve them (confirmed and in time) will be guaranteed one.

Their release date is to be some time in April so expect them to arrive around that time or possibly sometime in May id Good Smile is running late on production.

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posted by princetrunks @ 3:07 PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vocaloid: Kagamine Rin Nuclear Fusion "Meltdown" Figure

Just when you thought Good Smile Company went insane with the Miku Hatsune VN02 figure, they do it again with this very cool and very crazy Rin Kagamine figure.  This figure will retail for 9800 yen (~$115-~$120) and will hit the Japanese market by August (so probably September here in the states -_-). Naturally she's up for pre-order in my store ^_^
Check out the images and (long) video below.  Info thanks of course to Danny Choo.


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posted by princetrunks @ 11:30 AM

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nendoroid Petit: Fate/Stay Night Action Figures

Saber and Fate fans are going to be once again happy to hear of some more great news from Good Smile Company.  On top of the amazing Excalibur Saber figure announcement, there is also this wonderful Petit Nendoroid set that was announced back before the weekend...

As the picture shows, there's a couple versions of the figures included in the set and supposedly a secret figure as well.  I'm so keeping a set myself ^^.

Of course, you can find them for pre-order in my store (or you can email your reservation).  There's 12 in the set and they go for $90 altogether so not bad at all.  Expected to come stateside in August; could always be sooner or later ^^;;

More images below:

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posted by princetrunks @ 12:20 PM

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fate/Stay Night: Saber Triumphant Excalibur Figure

Saber fans are going to love this newly announced figure.  The Saber Triumphant Excalibur figure just got announced for pre-order and this stunning figure will be a 1/7th scale figure and it also seems like you have the option of having Saber's sword's effects be there or not if you choose.

Reserves for this figure can be purchased right here in my store. Select Money Order/Cash at the end of the transaction or email us to reserve yours without having to pay right away via Paypal.

More info can be found on her official page.'s some more images of her

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posted by princetrunks @ 12:09 PM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inuyasha: Kagome Higurashi Figma

Hey Inuyasha fans; got some more good news for you!  Other than the series finally being concluded with the Final Act episodes, you can soon get your own Kagome figma figure ^_^.  Yep, looks like Max factory has announced the production of a Kagome Figma figure.   It's set to be released some time in April or May of this year.  Pre-orders can be made here or you can email the store to reserve her.  Nothing yet on other characters in the series but I'll keep you all informed.

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posted by princetrunks @ 9:09 AM

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nendoroid Sanae Kochiya

Here's another rare Nenodoroid I am lucky enough to eventually get my hands on, Nendoroid Sanae Kochiya from Touho Project.  Thanks to figure manufacturer and wholesaler,, this Japan-Only exclusive Nendoroid will be stocked by me...

Some of you might have noticed the price is up there at $60.  Though the regular retail price is actually 3000 yen in Japan, even as a store owner, I wasn't able to get her at that price...but a good amount higher -_-  This is the kind of figure that will probably be on eBay and other sites for $200+ down the road.  That insane price you will never see me do so hopefully my price is still a bargain for such an exclusive figure.

Sanae Kochiya is the kind of anime figure where you usually ONLY see in selected shops in Japan so if you are in Japan, grab them at the better 3000 yen price before it's too late.

Check her out here for pre/order

Check out her official product page here

Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei seen here goes for a ridiculous price on eBay and other sites >-<

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posted by princetrunks @ 12:29 PM

Black Rock Shooter Black Blade Version

I'll probably be the 100th+ blogger/store promoting this figure but here's the first glimpse of the Black Rock Shooter Black Blade Version figure by Good Smile Company.  I was a little hesitant to post her since Good Smile STILL has yet to get the first Black Rock Shooter to us anime retailers in the states -_-

I posted this one for pre-order but as with many of the fast selling Good Smile Company figures, expect the release date to be at least month or more from what they say.  This one is also to be a 1/8th scale figure and probably will be tough to grab in a few months.


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posted by princetrunks @ 11:52 AM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marvel Psylocke Bishoujo Figure

Just announced today are the reserves for this beautiful Marvel Psylocke Bishoujo figure.  Once again Shunya Yamashita and Kotobukia give the Marvel girls the much better and hotter looking designthan what has been done here in the states.  This 1/8th scale figure won't be around tilll around April or May of 2010, so be patient. 

The price in yen as you see is 6510 which with the dollar hovering at 89 yen/$..brings it to about $70-$75 retail

I did manage to post her in the store for reserve or you can email us as well to put your name on the pre-order waiting list  ^_^

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posted by princetrunks @ 11:19 AM

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last Minute X-Mas Anime Figures

Christmas is almost here and before you know it, it'll be 2010, too. Some of you might know that the anime figure business doesn't always match up with the holiday season. A large amount of new figures don't seem to get released to the states until around January or early February. Why? I'm not sure, but luck would have it that I'm actually getting a LARGE shipment of both new and even long out-dated figures.  Some figures were scheduled for late January/February 2010...but are actually running early ^^...

They won't be in until around Thursday December 17th but with X-mas just two weeks away, I'd think it would be best to get the word out so they can be shipped asap to make it for x-mas day. Here's a list of them:
(* means the item is an out of production/ hard to find figure)

...phew; that's a huge list.  Some might not have the links posted; that's either because they sold out or I just didn't get to list them yet ^^;;  If you want anything, you can shop through the store or email me what you'd like.

Don't fret, ALL are the real deal.  No bootlegs on my watch -_-

Pardon the rather commercial post this time but I thought letting you guys know I'm getting THIS many figures in before Christmas would be something you'd all want to know about.

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posted by princetrunks @ 9:00 AM

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Miku Hatsune VN02 Mix Figure

Opened my email to one of my suppliers in Japan this morning and this Miku figure woke me up. The Miku Hatsune VN02 Mix Figure by Good Smile Company (& Max Factory) is a sight to behold. If some of you were keeping track of recent Wonfest news, this might not be new to you but for the rest of us who haven't seen this figure, she's a work of art. At first glance, she's not the Moe Miku we are use to but still, this is bound to be one of those very hard to find figures that GSC will probably quickly run out of from the demand (like Black Rock Shooter & Saber Lily).

Like Black Rock Shooter, she'll be shooting a hole in your pocket for a 1/8th scale figure at around 12,800 yen (or ~$160USD....damn you weak US economy -_-). Her expected release date is around late June of 2010 but expect her to be out later than that as with..ahem....Black Rock Shooter taking her sweet time to get here on US shores.

I have her in the store for pre-order but you can also email us to be put on a waiting list. As with many of the official Good Smile Figures, expect the date of release to be later. If we say you are getting it, unless something terrible will have a figure reserved for you.

Anyways, take a look at some more images of this awesome figure, provided by the Good Smile page created by none other than Danny Choo.

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posted by princetrunks @ 12:27 PM

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